Venue: School of Law, University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dates: October 19/21, 2016


The Forum will focus on Corruption and Gender based Violence:

• concrete proposals for public policies,

• action plans

• gendered budgets

• access to justice proposals


Around 100 speakers will propose the most adequate tools, public policies, budgets and justice systems, to eradicate gender based violence and the corruption that affects women’s human rights. High rank officials and researchers from Argentina will discuss their approaches with peers from Austria, Belgium, Canada, the European Union, Sweden, USA.



How to participate:

1. Attend the Forum and participate in debates and activities, including social and cultural programs.


2. Post Forum: proposals for presentations to be included in e-book



a. ( ) access to justice/ international justice

b. ( ) access to public information and communication

c. ( ) public policies against gender based violence / human trafficking

d. ( ) gendered public budgets


Up to 250 word abstract of an unpublished text and a less than 200 word CV – to be received until November 30, 2016, via e-mail to:

generoycorrupcion@gmail.com with copy to info@mujeresenigualdad.org.ar

Languages accepted: Spanish and English.

Selected presentations will be announced by: February 25, 2017. Complete text of selected presentations should be sent by April 29, 2017 to be included in the e-book.

FEES: U$ 300



M.E.I. has organized Women’s Forums against Corruption in 2000, 2002, 2008.


I FORUM: September 22, 2000, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 300 persons attended. Its main subject was: "Forms of corruption and how to prevent them” in: government, mass-media, the practice of professions, worker trade unions, health, corporations, daily life (citizens' rights), justice, environmental issues. The final panel addressed "Women in decision-making proposals for public policies"

II FORUM: October 2002, also in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Attended by 600 women from most countries of the Americas, from Africa and Europe,.


III FORUM: 496 people enrolled in the III Forum, conducted in September 2008, hosted by the School of Law of Universidad Buenos Aires and co-sponsored by UNIFEM and UNDEF – United Nations.

Participating countries: Angola, Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Chile, D. R. Congo, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Liberia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Uganda, USA.





VVLead fellows: No fees will be charged to VVLead Fellows. Mujeres en Igualdad is unable to provide assistance for travel and stay during the Forum in Argentina (reduced hotel fees available). However, we offer to send invitation letters to interested VVLead fellows to be presented to potential donors or funding agencies.













Crosscutting approaches:



• I. Transparency and access to public information;

• II. Prevention and assistance: public policies and gendered budgets;

• III. Access to Justice for gender based violence cases



OCTOBER 19: Opening ceremony and 2 panels:

• How to eradicate the corruption that affects women’s human rights

• Access to Public Information /Policies and Tools against Corruption

OCTOBER 20: 7 panels:

• Gendered Public Policies

• Gendered Budgets

• Journalism, Gender and Access to Public Information

• Electoral Policies – GENDER PARITY; financing of electoral campaigns

• Gendered policies and budgets for Sexual and Reproductive Rights Trafficking in Women

• Parlasur and Gender Policies proposals

OCTOBER 21: 5 panels

• Access to Justice

• Access to Justice and LGBTI Rights

• Conclusions and closing statements



Please, download the form, fill out and send to

generoycorrupcion@gmail.com , attach the voucher of your Bank transference or deposit.